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More Power for selling industrial batteries !

Battery sizing, stands and cabinets, offers, price lists, customer portal, New Connector module (see below) !

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All screenshots taken from test system with test data and imaginary prices.

Easy and fast !

  • Compare multiple ranges simultanously
  • Specify current, power, IEEE 485/1115 or define configuration directly
  • Shows and optimizes price and margin
  • While entering the specification the program already shows if information is missing or how many solutions already fulfill the requirements.
  • International by design: multiple languages and currencies
  • Really fast, solutions immediately there

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Compare and optimize !

  • Select columns to show, customize sorting
  • Create list of solutions as Excel and PDF
  • Directly compare different alternatives
  • Prepared to show stock information

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All details at a glance

  • Complete overview of all technical details
  • Ventilation calculation
  • Chart showing the solution inside the discharge curve
  • Prices, optionally stock information
  • Other data of this battery type, e. g. weight, design life, links to technical documents
  • Create calculation data sheet as PDF, Word or HTML
  • All documents show your logo and your texts
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Duty cycles: IEEE

  • Duty cycles according to IEEE Std 485 and 1115
  • Use of Kt- and Rt-factors
  • Calculation table with all intermediate steps shown on screen and PDF data sheet

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What about a stand or cabinet?

  • Fully integrated stand/cabinet calculation (Kunstmann and Alpha)
  • No call of external program!
  • Functionality of Kunstmann Easy Online fully available

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Connected !New

  • Automatic connector diagram
  • Different terminal layouts
  • Handles also more than 2 poles
  • Table of required connectors
  • Integrated length analysis


Wouldn't it be nice to convert the battery- and stand calculation directly into an offer by just one click?

Here we go ...

  • Battery sizing and stand data sheet including all images automatically integrated
  • End of confusing customers with multiple files:
    Output of offer as single ALL-IN-ONE-document containing everything (offer details, data sheets, charts, price lists, links, ...)
  • Add and modify positions, e. g. for accessories
  • Attach price lists
  • Ouput as PDF, Word or HTML
  • Send directly via email
  • All documents show your logo and your texts
sample offer Show sample
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Price lists

  • Define prices and conditions based on fix prices or formulas
  • Use these prices in battery sizing and offers
  • Create price lists as PDF or Excel (automatic use of different "sheets", see left)
  • All documents show your logo and your texts

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Portal: Let your customers go online !

  • Allow your customers to login and size batteries based on range and prices you define
  • Increase customer retention by offering your customers a powerful tool containing up-to-date data
  • Sending of price lists and product data no longer required
  • Customization with your logo and your texts

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Everybody uses the same up-to-date information

  • Freely define organization structure, users and rights
  • Usable in-house, in sales offices, home offices, on the way, at the customer, by the customer ...

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Anywhere, anytime, any device

  • Runs immediately without installation on desktop PC, tables (especially iPad) and SmartPhone
All screenshots and sample documents taken from test system containing test data and imaginary prices.